Don’t Run for it, Make Use of Konduskar Travels Online Booking
27.12.2013 11:45

Konduskar Travels online booking offers the most comfortable way of bus travel ticket booking. Konduskar is the leading name in the road transport sector for a long time and is one of the favorite choices of a large number of people. By offering the most comfortable and safe travel features to the passengers, Konduskar Travels gained a lot of recognition as well as high rating in the customer polls.

With the new model buses and highly customized interiors with wider seats and ample legroom, trip with Konduskar Travels is a very comfortable and enjoyable experience to the passengers. It offers services to many routes, which are comfortably arranged to meet the specific needs of different types of passengers. The major routes covered are, Baroda to Mumbai, Satara to Bangalore, Mumbai to Kolhapur, Karad to Bangalore, Nipani to Bangalore, Mumbai to Pune, Mumbai to Sangli, Nipani to Bangalore, Pune to Bangalore, and more.

Konduskar Travels has a wide network of travel services in many states. The fleet of Konduskar is also very advanced with new model buses such as Volvo, AC Sleeper, Semi-Sleeper, and Deluxe buses. The staff of the company is also professionally trained to offer the high-quality services to the customers. Konduskar Travels online booking is available through the official website of the company as well as through many other online travel portals. Tickets can also be booked through the booking agencies in all major cities. All you have to do is to log into any of the site offering services and fill in the details to find the schedules and fares and book tickets making the payment.


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