Konduskar Travels – Your Trusted Travel Partner
20.11.2013 15:51
Konduskar Travels is the favorite road travel of many people because it offers a comfortable and safe travel option to the passengers. This transportation company has won many awards for its quality customer service and dedication. Today Konduskar is known to be one of the top-rated travel agents in India in terms of road travel services. It has a high rating in safety features, which is an important aspect. 
Konduskar is managed professionally and this level of professionalism is evident in all aspects of its service. The online services offered through its website are easy to use. You can easily find out the schedules and also comfortably book the tickets online without any hassle. The website offers many features that are up-to-date and you can promptly get access to all schedules and new offers. While doing online ticket booking, after making the payment online, you can easily print the ticket right from the site and carry it as your travel itinerary proof. You can also cancel the ticket through the same website online.
Konduskar Travels has many models of buses in its fleet offering service to many locations. Traveling is quite affordable with Konduskar as it offers customized options for all types of passengers to choose. There are options to choose one way or round trip tickets and can also choose package trips. The travel company is also known to offer many amazing tour packages and all what you need to do is to log on to the website and look for them.


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